Three Helpful Infographics for Amateur Landscape Photographers

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize some of the functions our cameras are able to do. If you don’t know your camera like the back of your hand, then here are a few infographics I found that were incredibly informative and visually clear.

Manual Mode

Here’s a great fun graphic from the guys over at Get Totally Rad on Manual Mode. Manual Mode might be a daunting mode to use to a person who just started shooting on professional cameras, but Manual mode allows the photographer to truly create the image based off of technical decisions they make. It is the most powerful mode you have available on your camera so use this infographic to put it to good use!

Manual Mode Infographic

Focal Length 

11mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 200mm; What focal length should you use? It’s alway difficult to estimate what exact focal length you will need for any specific situation. Usually for landscape photography you’ll want a wider-angle lens but there are some uses for telephoto lenses even for landscape photography! The guys over at Digital Camera World made this super useful graphic to help you out.




Do you prefer bokehlicious backgrounds or for everything to be tack sharp? Here’s another great graphic from the guys over at Digital Camera World about how your aperture effects your images. Since we’re concentrating on landscape photography in this blog, you’ll usually want to use the smallest aperture possible to allow for the most detail in your images!


Hope that you guys enjoyed these little infographics that I was able to find! Photography can be quite complex at some points but for us visual learners, it can be quite hard to grasp the technical aspects of this medium. Comment below about what you think the hardest part of photography is. If you want to view some great videos on photography and equipment, head over to Kai Wong’s youtube channel for some very informative pieces. Don’t forget to keep shooting!



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