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Three Instagram Landscape Photographers you Should be Following


Have you ever been just scrolling through your instagram or facebook feed and all of the sudden an image pops up that you just can’t believe to be real appears? Whenever this happens to me I immediately go to that person’s profile and see whether they have more images that amaze. There are many creatives  who create beautiful images but here are four people who take incredible landscapes that you should definitely be following.


Chris Burkard

A native of the Central California Coast, Chris Burkard is a world renowned lifestyle and landscape photographer. His latest work; Under an Arctic Sky, is a series of still images and video that he captured of surfers riding freezing cold waves under the Aurora Borealis of the Northern Hemisphere. His instagram feed is full of breathtaking photos everywhere from Patagonia to Kauai. When he’s not at his Pismo Beach studio, Chris keeps his followers updated through constantly keeping his story up to date with his current projects. Fans even have the opportunity to meet his at the various workshops he holds and conferences he attends. You can check out Chris’s work on instagram @ChrisBurkardand visit his website at

Photo: Chris Burkard

Andy To

A San Francisco Bay Area based photographer, Andy To is one of the ultimate lifestyle/landscape photographers out there on Instagram. He frequently travels abroad with his girlfriend capturing moments that only a photographer on a mission would capture. From Malaysia to Iceland, Andy has traveled the word in search of the “perfect shot.” He has been promoted by none other than the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, and has held numerous lectures at Apple stores around the Bay Area. Additionally, Andy is sponsored by numerous photographic companies such as Sony, DJI, and SanDisk. The next time you need some inspiration, just visit Andy’s Instagram page @AndyTo or check out his website

Photo: Andy To

Chelsea Yamase

Better known by her Instagram handle: Chelseakauai; Chelsea has created numerous ad campaigns on Instagram for clients such as Chase and Canon USA. Her creative energy is clear in the images that she creates with her collaborators such as Sam Kolder and Micheal Matti. An avid traveller, she had topped out mountain peaks in places such as Cape Town and Iceland. Her Wonderlust attitude is clear in the instagram stories she post everywhere from Bali to the Red Sea. Chelsea’s images evoke an aura of a true explorer; making you want to visit the very same places that she has. You can check out more of Chelsea’s work on her Instagram @ChelseaKauai and visit her website

Photo: Chelsea Yamase

Instagram is a cornucopia of incredible content, especially if you’re following the right people. There’s a plethora of amazing creatives that are traveling the world bringing us images the just a decade or so ago. We’re seeing the world in ways generations past never had the opportunity to. I personally just came back from Crater Lake in Oregon and it was absolutely breathtaking. Get out there and explore the world! Where will your next adventure take you? Don’t forget to visit my website to check out all the places I’ve visited so far. Keep on shooting!


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