Ektachrome in 35mm is Finally Back!

Film shooters rejoice! The recent resurgence of analog film photography has enabled the resurrection from the dead of one of Kodak’s most praised films; Ektachrome E100 in 35mm format. Kodak Professional is also releasing Super 8 (8mm) and 16mm formats later this year for video purposes.

Photo: Benj Haisch

Initially developed in the 1940’s, Ektachrome is commonly known as a “slide film” which produces a positive. This means the film looks like a photo once it is processed. Discontinued in 2012, film shooters have had slim pickings in terms of the slide film they have access to.

Kodak Professional announced early in 2017 that this film would be hitting the shelves late in 2018. The film has been in the hands of beta testers for a couple of months now and they have been raving about the quality of the images. A film geared more toward portraiture and landscape photography, this transparency slide film utilizes the relatively easy E-6 developing process; a process also used by Fujifilm’s Fujichrome Velvia 50 film.

Bixby Bridge
Photo: Benj Haisch

Bringing back this film was not easy for Kodak. Producing Ektachrome reportedly uses over 80 ingredients, some of which are not as easy to procure anymore due to digital photography’s instant gratification factor. But nevertheless, Kodak has seen enough interest in the film to put it’s money where it’s mouth is.

Photo: Benj Haisch

One of the Beta testers of the film, Benj Haisch has put together an awesome review of the new Ektachrome 100 over on his blog, so make sure to go check it out! I can’t wait to see what you guys think about this classic film. Get out there and keep on shooting!



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