Three SF Murals You Must Take a Photo At


Murals murals everywhere, turn a corner, there will be one there! San Francisco is a world renown city for the arts. One of it’s biggest draws are the murals scattered across the city. You may have heard of Clarion and Balmy alleys in the Mission District or the stair mosaic at Grandview park, but there are some hidden gems all across the city. Here are three amazing murals you’ll want to snap a photo at!



Created in September of 2011 by Brian Barneclo, this mural is the largest in San Francisco measuring a whopping 600 feet long. You’ll be able to spot it if you ride Caltrain into or out of the city. The mural is inspired by the writings of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and David Bohm, the painting is meant to explore ways that things influence one another.



One of the most Iconic murals in the Mission was created by Daniel Galvez. Painted in 1983 this mural is also known as “Golden Dreams of the Mission”. This mural in particular is a great example of Mural Realism. Carnaval was restored in 2014.

Family Life & Spirit of Mankind


Created by renown muralist Susan Kelk Cervantes This diptych mural is one her earliest murals. Painted on the side of Leonard R Flynn Elementary school, this mural was inspired by 70 year old acacia trees in Precita Park. The number 7 plays a symbolic role in this mural from 7 blossoming flowers to the 7 rays of light.


There are hundreds of murals in San Francisco to go explore! Check out Curbed’s 49 of San Francisco’s Most Awesome Murals to find more hidden gems around the city. There’s so much fantastic art to see, keep on adventuring and shooting!


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